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Yunzhi Wang

How can I use the feelings of cute nostalgia to design the knitted textiles?

The idea of ‘Seriously Cute’ comes from the conflicts that happened within Yunzhi Wang between her desire to achieve adultness without losing her love of childish things. She chose images of stickers, cakes and dolls as elements representative of her childhood, and developed them through mixed media sampling. She references the textures of cute objects in her yarn selection. Synthetic and artificial yarns are the main fibres. This brings the challenge of achieving a sense of high-quality alongside a feeling of plastic. Merino and felting wool are also used to add contrast and softness. For the colour, Yunzhi Wang chose to use sparkling Lurex yarns in vivid colours alongside silver to add a highlight to the pretty pastel colours used throughout the collection. She enjoys challenging the boundaries of knitted textile through her unique and creative use of unusual yarn combinations and colours. 



Degree Details

School of Design


Yunzhi Wang is a knitted textiles and knitwear designer, who mainly works in the context of fashion. She is passionate about playing with textures and different yarn combinations. The keywords for Yunzhi Wang’s designs are ‘Kitsch’ and ‘Kawaii.’ She uses her work to tell stories, transforming knitting into a fantasy.  

'GOLD GLITTER STICKERS' - Dubied Knitting Machine, Heat Press Foil

WORK IN PROGRESS - Sketchbook Pages, Yarn Research, 3D Design Development

'KIRA KIRA' - SHIMA SEIKI Knitting Machine, Multi Colour Jacquard

'KAWAII MEMORY' - Dubied Knitting Machine, Hand Embellishment

'TARO LIME LAYER CAKE' - SHIMA SEIKI Knitting Machine, Multi Colour Jacquard

FINAL LINE-UP - Application Ideas for Fabric

FASHION ILLUSTRATION - Glitter Card, Acrylic Paints, Pencil, Water Colour

A KNITTED FABRIC COLLECTION - Hand Crafts, Industrial Knitting, Domestic Knitting
This project is full of fun, fantasy and playfulness. Yunzhi Wang has explored the concept of ‘Kawaii’ and ‘Kitsch’ with a happy nostalgia for her childhood. She hopes that her CUTEST work will leave the audience smiling.
Approach To KnitBodyColourConstructCraftFashionKnitMakerMixed MediaPatternPlayfulTexture

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