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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Yuxuan Liu

Yuxuan is an engineer and a designer who is keen on bringing positive impact to this society. He believes that great innovation requires the combination of design and engineering. Before studying in Innovation Design Engineering, he completed MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. 



Degree Details

School of Design

Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)


Demo of Hollow platform

System Mapping

Process of using this platform

Process of model processing

Lattice Generation

Different Lattice Geometries for Different Purposes


Hollow is a cloud platform that encourages people to maximise the material efficiency of SLA 3D printing by using the space and material of the support. A cloud tool helps convert the support into useful things, and the open-source community allows people to share the concepts and inspire each other.

In SLA 3D printing, the material efficiency is very low, the material used for support when printing shell typed object may contribute more than half of the total material consumption. This will become non-recyclable waste. Hollow allows users to make use of that material and largely improve the material efficiency.

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