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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Zijuan Feng

Zijuan is an Interactive Designer with a First-class Media Practice BA degree from the University of Sussex in Brighton. She believes that the interaction design links real life to virtual world, human beings to lifeless machine, self-identify to social activities, all of which integrate into a more sophisticated unity. Spinoza was right: "in so far as the mind sees things in their eternal aspect, it participates in eternity". Also, she concentrated her attention on the connection of senses in every interaction design such as touch, vision and auditory sense, which broke the isolation of senses and expanded human body. Hence, she has been trying to explore this area and dedicating herself in the interaction design field.




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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Introduction video
With the widespread epidemic influence and a massive number of deaths, COVID-19 has not only had a devastating impact on economies but changed people's ways of living and human social activities. If people go out, they are required to wear a mask and always keep away from close proximity to others. Greetings without physical contact is the right way of keeping away from COVID-19. For example, many countries urge that to keep social distancing is very important to delay the spread of COVID-19 and recommend people to use alternative ways for greetings such as air hug or use the leg. The non-contact greeting is a healthy way to say "hi" in a safe distance under the spreading of COVID-19.

However, no man is an island. The way of greeting may change, but the need for physical contact will never die out. People are "inherently social creatures" who have the natural willingness and motivation for human interaction and community formation, which corresponds to the culture and long-lasting habit. These actions of person-to-person contact create an excellent feeling of connection and value of man both bodily and psychologically. Nevertheless, it can be difficult for people to have their emotional needs fulfilled while following the restrictions of social distancing. So there is an emerging need to balance the benefits of physical social connections and health requirements during a respiratory pandemic like COVID-19.

It is likely the duration of this epidemic will remain with people on a global scale for a long time, social distancing may remain for years or even decades. This situation will inevitably change the way people communicate and engage in social activities.

'Pan-Care' proposes a new tool for people who are wanting to experience social communications with others but keep a safe distance for health considerations.

'Pan-Care' is a hand wearable device to facilitate an alternative greeting ritual that mitigates the transmission of a respiratory pandemic in the prevention phase while maintaining social connection.

The word "Pan" has three meanings: this device is proposed in "pandemic" time; this device has the function of feeling a "panoramic" sense; the care will satisfy energetic and emotional needs, which means hope, the only thing in "Pandora's box".

Latex, Shape-memory alloy, Silicone

6 months

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