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Object Mediated Interaction

Zitong Yang


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Object Mediated Interaction

Zitong has been devoted to finding pain points from the details of life and daily scenarios, trying to attract the public with eye-catching works, Using Art & Science to explore new experiences and interactions design.

Smoke Bin
Light Effect

Light Effect

User Testing

User Testing

Bubble outcome

Extinguish cigarette butts






Throw cigarette butts

A second-hand smoke purification device.

Smoking could be an unsettling behavior. Cigarette butts can be directly thrown into the trash can. we have ash tray for smoke ash. What about the most harmful "smoke"? How to collect and control it is a problem need to be solved.This project focuses on how to collect second-hand smoke, purify and transform it into interesting and even useful things.

For smokers, it can provide appropriate places to smoke and help them remove the smell of smoke on their clothes, Use interactive methods to let smokers take the initiative to recycle smoke and make them feel contribution to society.
For non-smokers, it can purify second-hand smoke to provide more space and even more opportunity to communicate with smokers, sometimes they are envious of the social habits culture and information sharing among smokers than smoking itself. This can also let them rethink the relationship between environment and people, their views towards smoking simultaneously.
For cities, it can increase more interactivities and even leave people a good impression of city, which is inclusive\ diversified\ humanistic.




4 months
22 July 2020
16:00 (GMT + 0)

Design Products Team Talk: OMI Verblist

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