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Global Innovation Design (MA)

Ziyu Zhuang


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Global Innovation Design (MA)

In the era of information explosion and with the rapid development of digital social platforms, people are gradually immersed in the digital world and ignoring the importance of emotional bonds with close and loved ones. During the self-exploration process in GID, I was drawn to help people regain their initiative in enhancing their humanity and take actions on enhancing their relationships with the aid of designed tools. My projects focus not only on intimate relationships such as family relationships but also relationships between strangers. I wish that my designs could reawaken people’s longings for connection and subsequently help them build their social networking.

Video — Project introducing video in terms of design background, problems and the final outcome

Hero image

Design development — The image shows the aesthetic developing process of the product in terms of anthropomorphic design

Design outcome — ‘reU’ takes advantage of anthropomorphic design on aesthetics to attract people’s attention for more engagement and encourage more natural dialogue. When people feel lonely, the human-like appearance of ‘reU’ could provide a sense of companionship to some extent.

User flow — Current systems are unilateral in which the connection of the channel can be determined by either party at any time. In contrast to that, ‘reU’ allows both parties to control the timing and level of connection and helps people overcome the long-distance barrier but only on their own side.

Storyboard — The image shows the storyboards of three specific scenarios for meeting different requirements.

‘reU’, a mutually respectful ‘bi-directionally’ controlled communication system with a physical anthropomorphic product as an embodiment of kinship, allows people to connect with families by sending ‘dynamic 3D emoji’, recording videos, or live streaming in terms of their requirements on communicating level and timings.
In the final concept, people can join in a family group with a shared group number. When people want to share their life, they can simply stack the camera on the base to enter live function. They can either watch others’ live streaming or start their own. Auto mode with motion localization is to free users’ hands to do other work and people can also request for controlling others’ cameras. When people can’t connect, they can send dynamic 3D emojis representing their current state to another party to avoid unnecessary worries and intrusions.


4 months

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