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Bodies of Resistance // Ecologies of Change

Bodies of Resistance // Ecologies of Change is a collection structured around two poles, the personal and the environmental.
In contemporary society, individuals are often bridled by societal expectations and suffocated by imposing political macrostructures. Personal expression is often coerced into silence until critical voices find their ways through acts of suppression. These dynamics are perfectly exemplified in the first part of the collection, where the filmmakers draw from personal experiences to fight against the status quo. Pivoting the collection into its second section is Matthew G. Taylor's the mv, a work in which the performer is creatively exploited, their work (and body) rendered replicable and eventually replaceable. The cityscape progressively becomes dominant, absorbing people’s individualities into a flux of memories induced by the gnawing industrial redevelopment logic. Before transforming into the relics and artefacts of a lost, future civilisation, humans, for better or worse, left their physical traces on earth.
Closing the programme is Alice Aires' Plastified: An Ode, a tranquil, poetic exploration of a deep-sea environment resounding with our own eco-anxious guilt.

Serena Scateni

Serena Scateni

Serena Scateni is a freelance film critic and curator based in Scotland. Both her writing and curatorial work focus on the cinema of East Asian countries, covering Japan in particular. She has been featured in Hyperallergic, Sight & Sound, MUBI Notebook and other publications writing about documentary, anime and exploring female and queer representations in film. She is a graduate of the 2019 BFI Critics Mentorship Programme and the 2020 Barbican Emerging Film Curators Lab. She is currently curating a programme on contemporary Japanese documentary practices to be delivered early next year.

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