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Collective Action

We as humans are what we are thanks to the high level of collaboration. There is no way we can tackle the challenges we are facing as individuals. I was looking for projects that equip people with skills and knowledge for better collaboration, connect people, and at the same time emphasize the importance of social and environmental justice.

Collective Action is a collection of works from the Global Innovation Design of Royal College of Art. These projects help us to collectively imagine a better future, explore collective cultural values and community aspirations, learn and support each other. They combine people, technology, processes, and data to solve their challenges in a meaningful way.

I hope that this collection will help the students find some unexpected connections to push their projects further.

Maxim Dedushkov

Maxim Dedushkov

Maxim is the Founder and Director of the Holis School, a place-based, interdisciplinary school that fosters social innovation through collaboration and collective intelligence. He is a Partner at Liminal, a new, global network of creative, strategic, technical and entrepreneurial people from wildly different backgrounds. He is interested in decision making, communities, organisations, design, technology, art and business. His research field that brings all of these together is Collaborative Intelligence Design. Maxim is a Visiting Lecturer at RCA where he delivered a highly successful, interdisciplinary workshop on this topic. He prefers to work on socially and environmentally just projects.

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