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This Collection brings together works centred around relationships between people from different generations, introduced by an excerpt from a text by Adalberto Lonardi.

‘This is a journey of a day, a year, a generation through Arcadia, the citadel of nature, conviviality, and renewable resources. It all starts on the friendship bench outside the Crescent House apartments on an autumn morning. The neighbors gather here to pause and nourish their relationships surrounded by pets and plants. On top of them, solar panels and water collectors provide renewable resources to the community.

On long strips of land covering the converted unused rooftops, the young carers learn the cycles of life of vegetables which will be used in the Kitchen Club or sold during the Sunday Market. During a summery night, grandparents, parents, and children living in two recently merged maisonettes reunite around the combined chestnut tables for the usual family dinner.’

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