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Human Individuals, Things, Environment and Social Civilization

In the process of browsing and appreciating the RCA2020 works, I can feel the oncoming fresh creativity and deep thinking. In the face of such a wealth of works, it is both a process of enjoyment and challenge. Due to time, I have mainly focused on the wonderful works of the School of Design. In addition to the expressive appearance, we can see solid professional competence and pioneering spirit in the works, as well as the comprehensive attention to human individuals, things, environment and social civilization in multiple cross-border thinking and value creation.

In the works of various professional fields, I find so many wonderful examples of understanding the dimensions of problem identification and problem-solving, and thus this build impressive and wonderful results, which resonates with me deeply. From these selected representative works, we can feel the inner echo of sustainable value creation. Thank you to all the students and teachers of the School of Design. Thank you for your excellent work.

Yao Yingjia

Yao Yingjia

Yao Yingjia has been the VP, GM & the Chief Designer of Lenovo, also leading the global innovation design team with more than 200 members. He has been involved in more than 1000 development projects. He was experienced with the E2E new business model, product, innovation and delivery.  He is open-minded and has creative capability in industrial integration and cross-border cooperation. He is not only enthusiastic about business innovation but also concerned about social/cultural development and social civilization progress. For example, he led a team to design and compete for the 2008 Olympic Torch with a total of 388 other competitive design solutions from around the world and won.

Yao is now leading an elite team fully experienced in innovation and IOMT field, aiming to explore and establish the new content and value of smart healthcare lifestyle products, facing the new opportunities in AIOT and traditional Industry Convergence with a new pattern of service innovation based on smart devices and AI symbiosis.

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