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Hyper Form

This collection embodies an answer to a bigger question about redefining the human form.

We can push the use of technology and traditional artistry by breaking down the illusion of conformity, reimagine our new collective identity and challenge our limits and image without compromising the aesthetic value. This is a necessary bold step towards evolving human performance, personal expression, and future lifestyle.

I believe we all must adopt a multidisciplinary approach to face the real opportunity of our future as advanced human beings: deepening the understanding of our potential and our role in this rapidly changing natural and virtual environment.

Viktoria Modesta

Viktoria Modesta

Viktoria Modesta is a bionic pop artist and creative director.

Brought up in the subculture of London, now living in Los Angeles, Viktoria is known for her multi-disciplinary approach to future-pop identity and performance art with a post-human edge.

Her first break into the world stage was through a glamorous and fresh perspective of post-disability when she preformed as the Snow Queen during the closing ceremony of Paralympics 2012 wearing a diamond-encrusted prosthetic and costume. Her work bridges music, body art, sculptural tech-fashion and an otherworldly narrative first executed in the viral hit video ‘Prototype’ that introduced her as the ‘world’s first bionic pop artist’. Her life story has been recognised around the world as a testament of human strength and a truly transformative approach to modern identity with the highlight spotlight of Barack Obama as recognising her as ‘Personal Frontier’ featured in WIRED magazine.

Modesta brings her unique aesthetic, experimentation and vision to all of her creative outlets – from art and music direction, DJing, acting, design, public speaking, to science and medicine. She has served as an MIT Media Lab Fellow and is a member of the Young European Leaders programme.

Viktoria’s live performances range from specialised – cultural, fashion and brand events to more experimental work previously seen at Art Basel. She has released two alternative pop records which together with a range of stunning art prosthetics, unforgettable visuals and curated talent / team have helped her carve out an international reputation as a cultural innovator.

Her latest work continues to build on her vision – in 2019 she art directed and starred as the ‘Bionic Showgirl’ at the legendary Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse, a residency spanning 31 sold-out shows. Following up her time in Paris to end the year as the art director and star of an experimental art film commissioned by Rolls-Royce Black Badge where she became the ‘physical representation of the machine itself’.

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