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RCA2020 MA: creativity, commitment and enriching voices

Annually, it’s a privilege to see the work of the students emerge from around the world and this year a truly spicy program emerges from the Royal College of Art MA graduates. Filled with over 20 unique enriching works exuding enthusiasm and commitment to that artful frame by frame medium of animation where, timing is everything, or is it story that is everything? Wait no, I think it’s character that's everything! Suffice it to say, all the films are inspired and artful.

Here’s a handpicked selection of five shorts, I seriously think you won’t want to miss.

Ron Diamond

Ron Diamond

Ron Diamond has produced, distributed features, television, ads, shorts and title sequences for 40 years.

In 1980, UCLA Film School couple, Diamond and Carol Frank began distributing shorts with their company Max Media, the early works of Mark Baker, John Lasseter, John Halas, in ‘85 they sold their library of 150 films to focus on features. In 85’ Frank wrote and directed and Diamond produced their first live feature for Roger Corman. Frank and Diamond married in 87. Their daughters Sara and Anna continually bring great joy. Frank focused on writing. Diamond produced live features in 87’ and 90’ and from 85’ to 90’ producing eight animated feature compilations including the Animation Celebration and the International Tournee of Animation. In 90’, Diamond turned to animation production, starting the still active Acme Filmworks, identifying and working with emerging international artist animators. In 95’ Internet publishing pioneers, Diamond and Dan Sarto founded AWN. Since 98’ Diamond curates feature-length programs of new exemplary animated shorts, the "Animation Show of Shows," now in it’s 22nd edition. He releases them in art house theatres, universities, VOD/DVD.

Diamond is currently producing a short based on Samuel Beckett's 'The Lost One's' with German Director Raimund Krumme.

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