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29 July 2020
16:00 (GMT + 0)
Xiaochun Wang: Monologue
A broadcast of Xiaochun Wang’s moving-image series Monologue with intro by Hermione Wiltshire.

A broadcast of Xiaochun Wang’s moving-image series Monologue with an introduction by Hermione Wiltshire.

From my traumatic childhood experience of constantly moving to different cities, schools and training with professional swimmers, my artwork explores the relationship between others and me, the transformation of different roles, changing identities, a lack of belonging, vulnerability, pain, transience and memory. The relation to my practice is trying to heal myself by expressing my feelings and thoughts through the artwork; it is also to find a way to communicate with others. Artistic creation makes me seriously and bravely face the voice from my inner body and pass its message to the outside world. My experience has allowed me to build a strong relationship with water, water is one of the key elements that appear in my work. Similar to the invisible space I have built in my work, I always want to run away from the invisible space that has limited myself. I believe that art can be a platform for people to communicate. The difficulty in representation and interpretation may never be settled. It is difficult to have true communication with each other, but misunderstandings are the most beautiful thing that happens in communication, it has organically made something “new"". Art is not only the expression of written language or emotions, but it also carries a unique 'Aura'. This aura is generated by the artist's own unique experiences and feelings in a specific place and period. Life is a process of finding yourself through contact with reality.

Estimated Duration: 45 min

Xiaochun Wang

Photography (MA)
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