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Fashion (MA)

Footwear, Accessories, Millinery & Eyewear


Graduates from 2020 Footwear Accessories Millinery and now Eyewear demonstrate what the future looks like via building structures and forms with 3D technologies and sustainable systems and materials while re-defining what handmade /craft will be. The footwear and accessories specialisms have existed since 1996 but this year is re-defined with an “E” for Eyewear, consolidating the first MA in eyewear in the U.K. The Class of 2020 has produced some great thinkers and makers who have adapted well to the new normal. We have transformable pockets, 3D printed shoes, leather forms and flowers, optical opulence, lenticular geometric forms where the perception of reality occurs in the virtual domain.

Perfection. How will we think?

Protection introspection.   How will we breathe?

Performance. How will we walk, run, stretch?

Interaction deflection.  What will we need to carry?

Pose Posture. What shape will our bodies make?

Sublime Beauty. What style will these forms take ? How do these objects make us feel?


Materials, Mind, Fashion Forsaken

Curated by Alex Box & Philip Delamore

Art is life

Curated by Alber Elbaz

Inspired by Design

Curated by Anya Hindmarch

Future Continuous

Curated by Dr Nick de Leon

Hyper Form

Curated by Viktoria Modesta

RCA2020: One Designer’s View (Part One)

Curated by Ian Griffiths

Primacy of Precipice

Curated by Joanna Moresky
3d Printing3d Printing FabricAnimationApproach To AccessoriesArrangementBespokeBluetoothBody ArchitectureBody BeltsClayConceptualCouture LeatherCraftsmanshipDelicacyDelicateDigital ArtExperienceFashion As FunctionFine JewelleryFlexible FuturismFlowersFootwearGeometryHandmadeIllusionInnovationInstallationInteractiveInterchangeableMillineryMono-MaterialMulti-Color 3D PrintingOpticalPaintingPanniersPearlPerformancePocketsPouchesReticulesSpace And TimeTailoringThe Body And The ObjectThe Modern WomanThe Romantic BodyVisionWearable SculptureZero-Waste
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