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Narrative Animation

Alice Aires

Alice Aires is a digital artist/animator, working with 3D and 2D animation. In her digital spaces nature is acknowledged as wealth. 

Eight years of musical education and collaborations with sound designers and musicians form the foundation of her work, and she is drawn to directing music videos. 

Before pursuing an MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art, she graduated with a BA in Animation from University of the Arts London, where she stood out as part of the ‘Made in Arts London’ exhibition in 2016. Alice then worked full-time as a motion artist and her films have been shown in world renowned festivals such as the London Short Film Festival and Cinanima in Portugal.



Instagram: @aliceaaires

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School of Communication

Narrative Animation

Alice is deeply influenced by her upbringing on the Portuguese coast, inspired by the sublime, her landscapes are infused with a poignant tone that praises nature. 

Aires’ work seeks to foster a space of solace, serving as a salve to experiences of eco-anxiety. She stirs poetic musings and experimentation with textual research, through a method akin to the scientific; methodical planning enriched by alchemical improvisations.

Her practice will evolve through further experimentation with animated figurative simulations, looking to choreograph with continued biomimetic fluidity and to challenge traditional storytelling by unfurling structure.

Plastified: An Ode
An exercise in empathy – Can you feel for what you can't see?

A deep sea dive through a partially speculative ecology, crystallising strange and hidden microscopic life forms; a cinematic landscape that strives to document places where cameras cannot see.

Sonorous rhythmic pulls and pushes, ecopoetic ebbs and flows. Bioluminescent creatures are drawn from the scientific depths, in a ceaseless descent down an oceanic trench.

Wherever human plastic pollutants invade, the result is mass extinction.



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Scientific Consultancy
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A short essay in response to the film written by Dr. Brenda Parker, a biochemical engineer who is interested in the use of biology to manufacture new materials. She is particularly interested in how we can harness photosynthetic systems such as microalgae for biotechnology.

Her presentation at the 'Design with the Living' symposium (November, 2019) inspired the start of this project.

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A short text about the growing phenomena of Eco-anxiety, and advice on how to cope with it. Written by Positive Psychologist Tiffany Carthy (MSc) July 2020.

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