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Graphic Design

Betty Brunfaut

Baki: Ok, so how would you start if you knew I was writing your bio for you?

Betty: Ugh, I don’t know…

Baki: So one I thing I would like to say, or maybe two…. Is that you’re one most hard-working Graphic Designers I know, and I know a lot.

Betty: I don’t know about that.

Baki: Well I think so, and the other thing is you always push when it comes to considering why we design and what we design. There’s always a rationale.

Betty: Well now I feel like we have to change your bio. Because then I would like to explain a bit more about who you are and how you work in your bio.

Baki: Well, I also have to mention that you’re Belgian, and I remember when I first met you, you were surprised that I knew about Belgian chocolates.

Betty: There’s something about us and food for sure.

Baki: Yeah and also you did your undergraduate there at La Cambre where you started What about Waste, a non-profit organisation to ban plastic straws in Belgium. Definitely made me use less plastic.

Betty: And here I started Plan B with you ... and of course Sold Out!

Baki: I think we need to start getting to the point now. For you collaboration has been a core aspect of your work, we can see that in your participation in the (Eco)-logical sense and Typographic Singularity exhibitions, you organised workshops for the Mudlarks Project, as well as for the Silent walk and Across RCA, you were an active member of the Window Cleaner Society and SustainLab, we created the Tea Societea, you co-created the Rightshirt, you wrote articles for Content-free, we were invited to present our research at the LDoc Conference, we created Gamut and you co-founded the RCA Sustainability Report.

Betty: Now that you've read mine, go check Baki's! 


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Graphic Design



Betty: Do you want to type the statement or should I? Maybe you, you’re faster at typing than me.

Baki: Right okay so, the user guide says we should specifically talk about our work and how we work and what motivates us.

Betty: The challenge for us is to explain the two things we do I think. One thing is Sold Out and the other is Plan B.

Baki: Yep, so Sold Out is our publishing House which aims to publish under-represented references and authors within Graphic Design in an attempt to diversify and decolonise the field. we started working on it about a year ago. We had already worked on projects such as Gamut that started to open conversation about cultural codes and initial thoughts on questions around diversity in the curriculum and how we can expand the systems of referencing? So we created Sold Out.

Betty: On the other hand, around the same time we also started Plan B which is our Graphic Design Studio that shares similar values - same philosophy but different outputs.

Baki: Yeah exactly. Sold Out is our publishing house where we publish books and other materials that reflect our value system. And Plan B is our Design Practice.

Betty: What more can we say?

Baki: Maybe we can more about how we work together?

Betty: True, so our method is called a “Relay” isn’t it? I think what we were saying earlier, about you hyper-analysing everything and me trying to translate and formulate it. We rely on each other, to relay is also about one pushing when the other cannot.

Baki: Yeah that’s so true, and also I think we need to emphasise that we are different types of Visual Communicators. You have this strength of really deconstructing and reconstructing in a way that is accessible and easy to understand when the final outcome is presented. It’s familiar, warm but also always creates a new question and thought.

Betty: And you love to play with cultural codes, you’re not afraid of following trends, because a trend also means it’s accessible. It revolves a lot around access for you too, you really try to understand people and create for them in a way that really draws them in not just through aesthetics and design but also the copy.

Baki: We’re both very engaged in the spaces around us I would say also but in different ways. Do we need anything more or? 

Betty: I guess they can read more about us here bellow or on our website, and who knows through this we might find some of our future Collaborators.





Launch Project












We aim to publish a variety of materials ranging from print, digital, audio-visual, audio.
We are currently raising funds for the publishing house through a crowdfunding platform.
Help us, support our authors:


Publishing House


Starting small aiming big.

In Collaboration with:

Author of Open Eyes, Open Heart: Your Exercise Book. Margherita invites you - graphic designers - to forget rules and habits, loosen up your ego, appreciate new things, be spontaneous and open your little six-column-grid heart.
Author of Karmkram 0/Act 0 - The Dot. First edition of a series called Kalakarm Curriculum. Siddhi believes that every educator can be an arts educator and every learner can be an artist. She developed the Kalakarm Curriculum series as an accessible tool to enable anyone to teach art anywhere.
Author of Grey Stuff. A series of fragments exploring the spaces between categories and around labels. Clem investigates the colour grey, things liminal and non-binary, the limits of categories and the weight of labels.
Author of Tough On Crime: Colouring book. Morgan addresses institutional and inherent racism by subverting the idea of a traditional children’s colouring book.
Author of Broken English. Ravista collected numerous stories from a wide range of perspectives around the theme of post-colonialism in multiple languages all translated into English.
Editor & Co-Creator of Content Full.
Editor & Co-Creator of Content Full.
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We are Plan B, yours and truly. A possible plan, the B side of the disc, another option, another choice to make, one amongst many, or is it? We are a graphic design studio - Collaboration is at the core of what we do, revolving around is our personal research and engagement in decolonial, diversifying and questioning hierarchy as well as sustainability. We are two very different and engaged women from very different backgrounds who share common values and ethics on work, people and just life in general. We met in 2018 at the RCA and we've never collaborated since.


Graphic Design Studio

In Collaboration with:

Collaborator and Co-Creator of the "RCA's First-Ever Sustainability Report"
Collaborator on the visual identity and edition for "Future Archive"
Collaborator and Editor on the project "My Daughter Terra"
Collaborator and Co-Creator of the "Rightshirt"
Collaborator for the illustrations inside the "RCA's First-Ever Sustainability Report"
Collaborator and Co-Creator of "Gamut"
Collaborator as a writer for "Future Archive"
Collaborator as a photographer for "Future Archive"
Collaborator, Co-Publisher, Studio Partner, Designer and I'm also a sous-chef in her kitchen.


For Sold Out we were looking for a more democratic system to launch the publishing house and crowdfunding appeared to us as the solution. All our processes are based on Collaboration, opening-up discussions so it wouldn’t feel right not to include you. Every backer's name will be displayed on the Acknowledgements page on our website.

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