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Intelligent Mobility (MA)

Dain Kim

My name is Dain Kim “A creative designer who enhances mobility experience with great styling”.

During the RCA study, I got an experience at “Volkswagen” and “SAIC design advanced London” as an exterior design intern about a year. 

Furthermore, I was a best of the best in the “HANKOOK tire” sponsored project in 2018 and finalist of the SAIC Design challenge in 2019. 


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Intelligent Mobility (MA)

I am a creative designer with a strong insight into mobility, and a high level of interpretation of conceptual value from human perspective. 

First, I have a strong insight into the user experience of mobility. I studied user-experience perspectives at university, so the perspective can be found in my projects, such as ‘Prototype 03'. Furthermore, every concept starts from “How can I deliver user's value into mobility?”. 

Second, Interpreting conceptual design values with sketch is my strongest strength. During the internship at Volkswagen and SAIC design advanced London, I experienced and learnt importance of communication and presentation. I strongly believe that this starts from well-interpreted sketch. My works shows how Dain Kim myself interprets the design with sketch, which makes my design and concept stand out. 

The project starts from the humanity perspective: how does the future mobility express the user-focused value with the exterior design? The project solves this question with ‘premium robo-sharing’ concept called ‘Prototype 03’.

The mobility enhances the user’s experience in 3 independent spaces with ‘big contrast’ design feature. Thanks to the independent spaces, user’s privacy can be enhanced.
Users do not have to share their space and time with other people during their journey.
People will have better experience in shared environment with “PROTOTYPE 03”.

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