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Experimental Animation

Duncan Senkumba

Duncan Senkumba is a 2D animator from Kampala, Uganda.

Before joining the RCA, he studied at UCA Farnham where he graduated with a first class in BA Animation. His graduating film "Masso Awoo" went on to be shown at various festivals. He then went on to freelace as an animator and illustrator creating videos for African Musicians and his work has been featured on various online platforms like 




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School of Communication

Experimental Animation

Duncan's work documents the African experience. Working with themes of identity, pattern, family, cultural taboos, his goal is to tell African stories the African way. He is inspired to tell stories and create art that is visually appealing, relateable to African audiences and is a proper representation of the society and culture. Using animation, he is able to challenge or work on certain topics that are difficult to talk about in African society.

The year 2020 has brought a lot of reflection and understanding, bringing the movement of black lives matter to light. It is impoertant for artists to take control of their image and representation, promote equality and play their small part in bringing change. In the future, Duncan plans to continue making and collaborating on work that inspires, educates and entertains.

Duncan Senkumba-Kyambogo

kyambogo film still

Kyambogo film still

Kyambogo details the relationship between a grandmother and her grandson and how drug use affected their relatioship. Inspired by personal events, it is a self reflection on mistakes made and it's aim is to help overcome the stigma surrounding drug use by starting a conversation through sharing this story.



2D Animation


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Duncan Senkumba animation showreel 2019
Animation showreel


2D Animation

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