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Experimental Communication

Ewa Poniatowska

Born in Lublin, Poland. ewa awe and NNT are some of the monikers under which she djs and performs.

Some recent shows include:

• Scrolling The System, Zacheta Warsaw (PL) 2020

• New Genres, HQI London (UK) 2020

• 4fucksakebabes Goswell Road Paris (FR) 2019

• Elephant West in London (UK) 2019

• Hydrangea, Nakhon Ratchasima (TH) 2019




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Degree Details

School of Communication

Experimental Communication

I'm interested in the liberation that comes from the collapse of logical narratives.

I like working with fictional characters across performance, moving image, text, drawing and sound to create situations that provide the viewer with an opportunity to experience feelings of ambiguity or uncanniness.

At the moment my practice broadly explores how fantasy and ephemeral symbolisms can inform our realities.

NMT Chapter 1


To what extent is the past still hapenning?

To what extent is the past still happening?

An introduction to a sonic anthology of new miasma theory exploring the states in between clarity of mind and internal chaos. A sonic residue of mist, speaking from the perspective of characters who become ghosts within their bodies, voices and spaces.

Chapter 1- MEMORY BECOMES FANTASY ft. the ghosts and miasmas of the now, the past and the ones to appear yet.

soo I was just sitting there... a bit sleepy and I felt something
I don't know how to explain it really
the whole vibe just changed
and I felt movement in the air, as if someone opened a window but obviously there was just me and her in the room
since then I can't stopppppppppppppppppp hearing this

We are consumers of dreams after all.


sound piece

In Collaboration with:

Styling: Samuel Galan Medina
fantasyghostMemorymiasmaMusicsonic storytellingsoundsound artSoundscapeStorytelling
Launch Project

3 Flowers & Thinking Too Much — A4 graphite and pigment on paper, 2020

So Tall & Walking In The Park With Headphones — A4 & A3 graphite and pigment on paper, 2020

Hands or Flowerd & CC Flying — A4 graphite and pigment on paper, 2020

Sunday Clouds — A4 graphite and pigment on paper, 2020

Running — A4 graphite on paper, 2020

Centrum — A4 graphite on paper, 2020

LONDON2020 — A4 graphite on paper, 2020

Series of drawings, 2020. graphite and pigment on paper, A3/A4

All for sale via Shopify or email.

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