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Fang-Yi(Janie) Chu

In the next 25 years, climate change is expected to decline further, impacting the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. Janie is exploring the ways textiles can transmit potentially dangers information to humans, such as high levels of solar radiation and hazardous gases which are colourless, odourless and tasteless.

Looking forward to 2045, commonly known as the 'Singularity of Technology'. Smart materials will detect and visualise potential dangers in the atmosphere. These textiles will enable future humans and space travellers to adapt to a different situation, using materials as a language to communicate between the human body and their environment.




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Fang-Yi(Janie) Chu is a Textiles artist and Product designer. She explored the possibilities of future textile design, from 2D screen printing, dyeing technology to 3D/4D printing and E-Textiles. She expects to use textiles as a medium to convey messages and visually show changes in the atmosphere and the human body.

Singularity collection: 3D knitting, Printed Textiles, Smart materials

Project Mood Board: Starting from researching Space.

Photochromic Knitwear: detect the intensity of the ultraviolet light

Colour shifting based on the environmental change.

Front: Exclamation marks are used to emphasise warning sign

Back: it was inspired by Spacesuit inner garments

4D Printing experiments

Digital Fabrication of textiles

E-Textiles Smart Collar with conductive materials

Smart Collar with motion sensor
Fang-Yi(Janie) used smart materials to create printed textiles & knitwear, which can visualise the environmental situation with different colours and surface designs. (e.g. intense Ultraviolet light, hazardous gases)

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