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Experimental Communication

Harvey Steele

Harvey Steele is a London based graphic designer, researcher and experimental film maker. Harvey’s practice engages with history and explores the public realm, providing inspiring experiences to promote social change. Themes of urbanisation, community and rhythm are explored. The works encompass several activities such as public engagement, exhibitions and installations. All of which challenge categorisation and convention through the explorative use of location, moving image, sound and type. Projects have encompassed installations in public locations and curation within gallery spaces.


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Experimental Communication

Architecture is an agent of power and control. It can be used to channel our movements and influence the way we interact with one another.

Architecture can be used as an aspirational dream, a symbol of power and success. It is a tool to persuade and manipulate. 

Rhythm is a vehicle that joins the connections between poetics and politics. It is a tool to decipher patterns and inconsistencies.

Rhythm is a material that can be manipulated stretched and reordered. It can convey systems that are beyond our conscious perception.

Montage is an inherent universal language existing in our everyday life. It is a vehicle expression that is accessible to all.

Montage suggest and persuades audiences to examine and question material relationships. It rapidly delivers narratives and facilitates personal experiences.

The urban landscape is a portal to bypass the projected image of the mass media. It is a window into understanding the past and predicting the future.

The urban landscape is a widely accessible platform to intervene, to engage and to alter perceptions. It can be used to facilitate new experiences and understanding of society.  

Shuffle and Deal is intended to engage and interrupt local foot traffic, in order to question and prompt further discussion regarding urban regeneration.

Robin Hood Gardens is a housing development situated in a concrete jungle, its court-ordered for demolition. Shadowed by the glass towers of Docklands the building is rundown and left to decay.

Rhythm conveys processes of exchange and transition between human and ‘machine’, reorganising class structures in its wake. The residents are left in limbo and misled, unaware of their future as they are displaced and shuffled within a rigged system.


Risograph Print, Animation


large Scale Projection, 5mins
AnimationArchitectureCommunityLandscapeMontagePsycho-geographyRegenerationRhythmSite SpecificSociopoliticalStructural FilmUrbanisation

Robin Hood Gardens Demolition

Construction of New Development

New Development Projection

Night Projection

Augmented Reality Mural

Augmented Reality Mural

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