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Jewellery & Metal (MA)

Hellena Hueck

Being a tribe:
As teenagers we would sit in a park and smoke tobacco through an Earth Tunnel. It would taste nasty but great. Far away. Our dogs. The holes our battled clothes. Just us. Somewhere a flute. Mute.


Hellena Hueck is a German artist based in London. Her practise is jewellery and small sculptures which are set in romanticised stories and actions with her friends. 

Whilst and after graduating with a B.A (Jewellery and Object) from Hochschule Pforzheim (DE) in 2017 she was interning for Scott Wilson, Dagmar Kestner and H&M. She is also a trained goldsmith. 

Hellena has exhibited at Dyson Gallery, documenta-Halle Kassel, gallery pool and collaborated with the Merchandise Team of University of Art in Berlin.

Hellena and Bronte Schwier are the recipients of the Onno Boekhoudt Travelling Award. Together they will travel to Lundy Island for their collaborative project 'Where is the air?'.



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School of Arts & Humanities

Jewellery & Metal (MA)

As an adolescent I was part of a punk rock gang. A gang with dirty hands, pierced skin, bleached jumpers with holes and cheeky dogs with coloured fur. Or was it more like a tribe? We had our own rhythm, codes and rituals. 

The Adventure of Chasing Ghosts is an anecdote towards my own youth, romanticizing aspects of adolescence and sometimes just two friends, and two flutes.

With an intention I've picked up three main characters to work with - Rites of passage, the Earth Tunnel Seance and Hauntology. Together this tribe evokes a connection between bygone, real time and something in between. 

You will find mute flutes, vessels, cheeky spirits, secret places just known by the friends of the friends, loafing ghosts, swinging pendulums and Earth Tunnels.

the stain in moving the pendulum is watching — pendulum necklace (aluminium)

flutes like to hang — pocket sculptures (Jesmonite, silk, jeans, scrunchie, paint, tulle, pigments)

waiting for — pocket sculpture (Jesmonite, silk, paint, tulle

ghosts in conversation — ghosts, Japanese Shibori Technique (silk, paint, cord)

the pond — installation depicting elements of caducity.

‘The Pond’ is an installation touching points like:

Adolescence, horizontal landscape paintings of the Sturm and Drang movement, tunnels, Victorian tombstone sculptures, caducity and the political & cultural history of T-Shirts.

In mind - these places where teenagers would go. For a smoke, kissing or just to hang out. A hidden one. Secret. Known by the friends of the friends.
In the middle of it - a pond. Tobacco Green. Soaked up. Sweat stains on T-Shirts. Blurred. Time went by.
caducityfluteInstallationjewelleryloafingpendulumplacepondsecretsmokingspiritthe mute flute choir

snaky silver carabiner — sterling silver, fits best in the holes of your battled clothes

flute and pendulum love pitch black nights — flute necklace with scrunchie dress pendulum necklace pendulum earring (aluminium, silver snake chain, carabiner, fabric)

vessel that could fit a spirit inside — sterling silver, rose quartz donut, cord

vessel that could fit a spirit inside — sterling silver vessel with rose quartz donut, dyed fabric

the friend of a friend pendulum — inspired by the cuteness and as well weirdness of ancient South American urns I designed the 'friend of a friend' necklace and earring. The 'friend of a friend' likes it to swing with you down the road.

Astrid and Tom playing flute for calling up the spirits — I think in this moment, at Ruskin park the Mute Flute Choir was born. The idea of documenting friends, and friends of friends by playing the flute. Astrid and Tom, you look so cute with the flutes.

The adventure of chasing ghosts is a documentation and field trip. When you go out on a trip it helps to be well prepared.

Here is a list of equipment what could be helpful for chasing ghosts:

Flutes: are magical forces for seduction. The spirits will fall in love with you as soon you are playing the flute.

Vessels: that could fit a spirit inside. Some spirits like it to be your company and swing with you down the road. Give your spirit a home. But never close the vessel. Spirits don’t like it to be trapped.

Carabiner: the carabiner is an all-rounder talent. Some will fit best in the holes of your battled clothes.

Pendulum: let’s swing the pendulum - it will show you the way.


Jesmonite, silk, fabric, cord, pigments, acrylics


approximately 10CM x 45CM

flute with scrunchie

ghost earring (loafer with curls and hat)

pendulum necklace (Friend of a Friend)

pendulum necklace and earring (Friend of a Friend)

two flutes

the mute flute choir

Shoot with Jakob, Brockley, 3rd of July, the lil park in front of Hannah's House.

Quite windy. Playing flute with wind in the back makes fun. Exhaling. Inhaling. The silky shirt is matching with the ghosts glow. Some ghosts have curly hair, some have funny hats. The ghosts like loafing. The pendulum is swinging with the tune of the flutes. The Mute Flute Choir.

hellena and the softie tribe

the softie tribe loves loafing

the softie tribe loves loafing

The Softie Tribe is an adaptation of the novel ‘whistle and I will come to you, my lad’ by M.R James (1904). It tells the story of a ghost made up of bedsheets.

The ghosts you see here are made up of digital printed and hand dyed fabric. They are wearing funny silver hats, jeans patches and some have curly hair. The softie tribe loves loafing and smoking.

the snakes basket — chillum holder (aluminium, hand dyed silk, hat )

materiality study of colour and caducity

materiality study of colour and caducity

research trip with millie and jakob

millie and jakob

me, inhaling smoke

My friends Sascha, Morgen and Löffel taught me once how to smoke an Earth Tunnel. It’s a technique for digging a tunnel in soil and smoking tobacco through it. A handy technique in case you don’t have a paper for rolling a cigarette. It can be soil in a park or soil next to a lake.
Apparently all places where you can have a little rest are good. You just need a bottle, stick, knife and tobacco. Digging and Earth Tunnel makes muddy hands.

I went with Jakob and Millie to Brockell park. Late afternoon. I must have been a teenager - the last time I smoked an Earth Tunnel. Today I did it again. It tastes nasty but great. I still like it to get muddy hands.

where is the air? — Bronte's and Hellena's musing about kites, tents and air.

Bronte and Hellena have the same vision in the sense of kites, tents, pipes and air.

Supported by the Onno Boekhoudt Travelling Award and Cameron Balloons - together they will go on a trip to Bristol and Lundy. Mainly for collecting material (surplus of hot air balloon fabric, sponsored by Cameron Balloons) and research for kick starting their accessories project 'Where is the air?'.

In Collaboration with:

Continuation Fund, Royal College of Art

24 July 2020
14:00 (GMT + 0)

Jewellery & Metal Panel Discussion: Social Narratives

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