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Iria Vrettou

Iria Vrettou is a moving image artist, born in 1995, from Greece. She has a diploma in Animation from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London and she’s currently pursuing an MA Contemporary Art Practice Moving Image at the Royal College of Art in London. Her practice is primarily focused on concepts & modes of hybridity as method of research and practice, whilst engaging with aspects of hand-drawn animation. Her research interests explore the organic processes that lead to the creation of hybrid art works as complete spatiotemporal experiences, and the environmental urgencies that such experiences respond to. She considers the screen, within 21st century cultural production, as a powerful kind of ‘skin’, i.e. the point where different worlds, systems and facts meet and touch.

Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Animation at London College of Communication,

University Arts London [2014-2017]




 9-18.4.20 | Abducting the Priestess Might Solve Your Crops by Ergo Collective , Ergo Collective Space, Athens, Greece (postponed)

14.2.20-8.3.20 | Cru(a)sh or How You Made Me Kiss the Pavement , curated by Vasiliki Plavou, at Grace/Athens, Athens, Greece. 

29.12.19 | Visuals for AMKA band, Six Dogs, Athens, Greece. 

1.11.19| Killing Time, Exchanging Utopia and the Pleasure Principle: A Provocation, by the Royal College of Art , London and School of Art RMIT University, Melbourne, at The Capitol, Melbourne Australia.

11.19 | 'Momentum of the Self in Portrait', by ERGO Collective, ERGO Collective space, Athens, Greece.

26-28.9.19 | ‘Metis. The Wave in the Mind and Fugitive Planning’ by the Institute of Anxiety and Are, curated by Nadja Argyropoulou, Tilos, Greece

5.7.19| ‘Capped Out’, by CAP, The Old Biscuit Factory Gallery, London United Kingdom

31.5.19 | ‘Miasma II’, 504 Ridgway Brixton, London, United Kingdom 

26-25 .4.19 | ‘Together[ness]’, by RCA: CAP – Moving Image, Assembly Point Gallery, London, United Kingdom

26.1.19 | ‘Miasma I’, Neverland cinema, Rotterdam, Netherlands 

7-10.9.18 | ‘Making Oddkin – for joy, for trouble, for volcano love’ by the Institute of Anxiety, curated by Nadja Argyropoulou, Nisyros, Greece


I have no faith in the RCA's Senior Management Team, headed by Paul Thompson and Naren Barfield, and support the no confidence motion in their leadership.




6x6 Projects

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School of Arts & Humanities

Moving Image

What can be perceived as natural is always determined by humans. This has been updated, altered and transgressed as the boundaries of human and non-human become more blurred because of the constantly evolving technologies, new scientific discoveries and the thus emerging socio-political climate. My practice has been investigating the hybrid spaces that are formed between various forms of existence and intelligence: human and not, natural and artificial. I largely apply speculative fiction in animated installations and explore references to the real and various current urgencies (humanitarian, ecological, socio-political) . In this regard, my research the past few months focuses on questions of interspecies co-existence, the fragmentations and mixtures that such co-existence can create and the alternate conditions, atmospheres and states that it formulates. The subject matter of these researches or rather the focal point through which such notions are addressed since the beginning of Y1 of the MA program has been the Volcano, and more specifically a volcanic island.

My work engages with aspects of traditional hand drawn animation as a primary practice, and extends to the realms of 3D animation, projection and installation. The technical methodologies of my practice are such, because they offer the possibility of creating new states of sensorium and atmospheres in which technology meets DIY, low fi processes, abstractions merge with materialities, algorithmic data are questioned by natural entropy. The hybrid states generated by flux are at the core of my research and reflect my concern for alternative ecologies and disidentification.

What Crops Up Out of the Blue
What Crops Up Out of the Blue is a form of speculative fiction, realised as a projection installation. It investigates the loose territorial/extraterrestrial relationships of the Deep Sea and human activity. In the realm of What Crops Up Out Of The Blue, a new tribe, a new species is imagined which has come to exist as a result of the Deep-Sea hydrothermal vents and the accidents of human enterprises which find their way into the oceans deepest points. The work explores the question “If we drained the sea what would we find?”

Sound by TUSK (Pantelis Pilavios & Giorgos Kravvaritis)


Moving Image


08:17 min

In Collaboration with:

3DAnimationNarration / StorytellingScience Fictionsea
Daemonic Ecran Vivant
‘Daemonic Ecran Vivant’ is a moving portrait based on the concept of Tableau Vivant. The piece operates on specific hand drawn animated loops. The emphasis is placed on the movement of bodies, human, non-human, and more-than-human. It investigates how such movements can be perceived as dance for various concepts & species and the atmospheres that these create. If we consider life cycles as an expression of symbiosis then we can easily discern a ritual of perpetual transformation: the choreography of life.


Moving Image


01:33 min

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