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Experimental Design

Jaz Affleck

Digital technology is so all encompassing. It touches almost everything but without physically touching anything. The fundamental importance of our touch in the physical world cannot be overestimated, therefore the opportunity to open a digital window that incorporates a physical experience would both enhance our understanding of the physical as well as expanding the possibilities of the digital world.

Studied:(BA Product Design, Central Saint Martins 2014-2017) 


Degree Details

School of Communication

Experimental Design

These projects merge the boundaires of the phyiscal and digtial. 


Encode an object with ‘hidden meaning’ and then temporarily illuminate this invisible digital layer using a vibrating ephemeral liquid lens that merges the ‘real’ with the ‘unreal’ so both are read together as one. The physical object informs our understanding of the digital, and the digital transforms our emotions to the physical. 



Digital ‘tagging’: a digital window - merged with the physical. A sharing of experiences, with ideas directly tied to the physical object to create new experiences and reactions to physical objects. By combining digital content with physical forms the objects are transformed into a perpetual and enduring canvas for digital expression – response, reaction, comment all mingling with the physical world around us.   



Physically change the shape of the digital world. Create new experiences where the modular smartphone design becomes a ‘digital campfire’ with users devices transforming to manipulate content as well as connect physically together to become a single canvas of social digital gathering.  



Sequence Steps — Ultrasonic 220HZ wave vibrates, diffuses and deforms ephemeral lens to reveal projected data. Blow a gust of air to destroy the ephemeral lens concealing digital layer

Custom Ultrasonic Panels — Custom panels emitting ultrasonic waves distorting ephemeral liquid lens

Digital Layer Revealed Upon Physical Scanned Object — Ephemeral liquid lens manipulated by 220Hz ultrasonic waves

Liquid Lens Formation — Pressurised submersible platform fills with liquid to create the ephemeral lens.

Design Drawings


A treasured object who’s meaning is unique and special, is digitally overlaid with images and information further reinforcing its sentimental value beyond its pure physical form:

Encrypted digital data is physically printed onto the treasured object by ultraviolet absorbing ink.

Treasured object's unique physical printed code creates the ultimate encryption.

Treasured object is scanned by Machine's UV camera, data decoded and projected on ephemeral liquid lens.

The physical and digital are read together as one, reinforcing a deeper layer of meaning.


Polished and Brushed Stainless Steel, Vibrating Ephemeral Liquid Lens, Ultrasonic Units


Closed 300mmx300mmx300mm Open 300mmx844mmx300mm
ArtifactsAugmentedDigitalDigital MaterialExperimentalHapticindustrial designMixed MediaPhysical Systems And Valueproduct designThe Digital System
The Digital Physical Social Sharing Platform

code 32931

A new social media platform using the same 'unique encryption UV printing gun' from Amalgam Machine project.

Users share experiences digitally by physically printing on to objects/surfaces. The invisible data is scanned by the new social media application using the smartphone's flash.

The smartphone's flash is instantly absorbed by the printed UV absorbing ink revealing the unique physical bar-code.

Creating a brand new depth and meaning upon objects, making the physical world your canvas of digital social sharing.

Physically change the shape of the smartphone, and shape your digital world. — User physically change device to digitally manipulate applications.




Hand Crafted Curved Glass Screen

Polished Aluminium Body

Stripped Down

Internal Design


Polished aluminium, curved glass



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