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Photography (MA)

Lowena Poole

Lowena Poole graduated with a 1st Class BA Honours Degree in Documentary Photography from the University of South Wales in Cardiff and is currently completing a Master’s degree in Photography at the Royal College of Art in London. Concerned with the relationship of humans and the land, her work explores a new way to reflect on pollution and damage to habitat. By bringing the hidden into the visible she reveals the intricacies of the unseen and the dangers of not respecting the foundation of life, our soils.

Joint winner of Act on Your Future’s Human Rights Photography Prize 2020.


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School of Arts & Humanities

Photography (MA)

In addition to the reality of Climate Change, the Earth’s soils are in crisis, with mismanagement and degradation; pollution and topsoil depletion have become reality. The work intends to present a new way to reflect on human pollution and damage to habitat, by bringing the hidden into the visible. The use of infrared film to document historic landfill sites highlights the presence of infrared radiation, an element of earths radiation budget, which is exacerbated by human pollution. The presence of Fungi in the work is to highlightthe importance of this kingdom in the health of the world’s soils. Mycelial networks improve soil structure, enhance the efficacy of inter plant connections and replenish the soils with nutrients through decomposition. The branching web-like hyphae of fungal mycelia hasbeen named the Earth’s natural internet, showing fractal representations of theinterconnected nature of reality, which exists on all scales and in different forms. This kingdom is essential in the health and regeneration of the Earths soils.

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