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Photography (MA)

Mara Gajic

Mara Gajic is a visual artist completing her MA in photography at the Royal College of Art in London. She graduated from OCAD University in Toronto, Canada in 2016 with a BFA in Photography. Her work has been exhibited in galleries both nationally and internationally since 2015. Mara is a recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, such as the Stephen Bulger Gallery Scholarship (2016), Project 31 Award (2016), and Jim P. Shea Award (2018). She was selected as one of the winners of Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Competition for Emerging Photographers in Canada, US, and UK, in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. Her practice has been included in Canadian and international publications among which are Flash Forward by the Magenta Foundation, Imitation of Life by Loosen Art, Philosophy Within Its Proper Bounds by Edouard Machery, BLOOM Magazine, and PhotoEd Magazine.   




fall into place

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Photography (MA)

A strange building; the outside should be inside. A room of awaiting chairs, like a furniture store I shouldn't be in. Kinetic toys and a turbulent magic billowing under a sea of red silk made room for itself within the hazy memory of this event. 

This body of work attempts to disrupt the relationship between the figure and its expectations within and outside of the frame. The object/body and its shadow serve to disorient and evade the perceived boundaries between interior and exterior space, figure/ground, depth and scale. The images explore the representation of the body through non-figuration, creating non-human centric spaces that activate the role of light and colour within the image as a potential site for an affective encounter with an unknowable object.

Red Moon — 85cm x 85cm

Half-open — 85cm x 127cm

Muscle Beach — 115cm x 115cm

Chair 1 — 115cm x 115cm

Chair 2 — 115cm x 115cm

Loop — 156cm x 111cm

Laminate — 64cm x 64cm

Blue Umbra — 156cm x 111cm

Threshold — 115cm x 115cm

Off-cut — 60cm x 75cm

Pentimento — 60cm x 75cm

Untitled — 163cm x 115cm

A spot — 64cm x 64cm

LUM1 — 48cm x 60cm

LUM2 — 48cm x 60cm

LUM3 — 48cm x 60cm

LUM4 — 48cm x 60cm

LUM5 — 60cm x 48cm

LUM6 — 60cm x 48cm







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