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Design Through Making

Matthieu Muller

Matthieu Muller (1994) is a French Designer who recently graduated from the Royal College of Art in Design Products. 

In 2018, he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with a bachelor's degree in Design. He has also studied at ENSCI Les Ateliers in Paris in 2016 where he founded Liga Studio with Pierre Alexandre Cesbron. The same year, he spent a 6-months internship at Arik Levy. 

In 2019, he worked for the Visual Image Studio of Louis Vuitton in London during a 4-months internship.

Awards & Exhibitions

(2020) Shortlisted Dezeen x Samsung Out of the Box Competition (Studio Fantasio)

(2020) 2nd Prize Visionaries Student Competition, Vision Direct UK (Studio Fantasio)

(2019) Finalist and exhibitor at Rado Star Prize UK, Design Junction 

(2019) Winner Future of Money Design Award, Money20/20 Europe (with Anna Heck)

(2018) Finalist and exhibitor at Rado Star Prize FRANCE, Maison & Objet (Liga Studio)

(2018) Winner Core77 Design Award 2018, Furniture & Lighting, Student (Liga Studio)

(2018) Winner Ein&Zwanzig, German Design Council, Milan (Liga Studio)

(2018) Talents Ambiente, Messe Exhibition, Frankfurt (Liga Studio)

(2018) 1st Special Mention, Pure Talents Contest, IMM Cologne (Liga Studio)



Degree Details

School of Design

Design Through Making



Matthieu's work takes inspiration from mechanical principles to create simple, poetic and functional objects, where aesthetic plays an important role. 

During his studies, he set up Studio Fantasio with Sarah Willemart – a design studio seeking to address significant problems in a playful manner. While being open to new opportunities, he continues to develop new projects under Studio Fantasio.

ANIMATE — give life to children's imagination
Robots and creatures

Robots and creatures — created from cardboard and animated with the help of electronics

Animate creative kit — comprising different electronic components, cardboard connectors, cables, a safe blade knife and a methodology booklet

Electronic components — including a battery, a vibrator, a buzzer, an ultrasonic sensor, two DC motors and two LED lights

Draw — draw the robot of your dream

Cut — cut cardboard easily with the safe blade knife adapted to children

Punch — punch holes in the cardboard with the help of the connector

Screw — screw cardboard and components together with the cardboard connector

Plug — plug the different electronic components to the battery with the cable

Animated robot — responding to gesture with its red ultrasonic sensor and blipping its LED light

Animated robot — spinning its colorful wheel with its dc motor, making sound with its buzzer and blipping its LED light eyes

Methodology booklet — to help children develop their creative potential without any constraints

Animate is creative kit aiming to give life to children’s imagination. The project introduces technology as a creative tool allowing children from the age of 6 to 10 to animate their own creation.

Animate kit consists of multiple elements : 8 electronic components including a battery, a vibrator, a buzzer, an ultrasonic sensor, two DC motors and two LED lights. A safe blade knife to cut cardboard easily. A set of connectors to attach cardboard and components together. Three sizes of cables to plug the components to the battery.

To make electronics more accessible and fun, the different components have been oversized with a distinctive shape and color.

Animate is designed to allow children complete freedom offering tools and a methodology booklet, to help them develop their creative potential without any constraints.

In Collaboration with:

AnimationchildrendiyelectronicsHumanised TechnologyKitPlayfulproduct designSensorTechnologyTools
SMARTKIT — educational building toys for smartphone

Car template — cardboard building toy for smartphone

The spaceship — Ready to take off

The spaceship — Explore the galaxy and learn about planets

The car — Enrich the experience of your smartphone

The car — Turn your smartphone torch lamp into your car headlight

Enhance the sensors of your smartphone

The car, the spaceship, the plane

SMARTKIT provides a set of three building toys enriching the experience of the smartphone. Children born between 2010 and 2025, known as generation alpha, will grow up never having known a world without digital devices.
Today 70% children start using tablet devices / smartphones at 3 years old or less.

SMARTKIT aims to teach children to use digital technology in a healthy and productive way by combining the physical and the digital world. Built from cardboard, the car, the plane and the spaceship enhance the sensors of the smartphone.

Via an app, the screens becomes a map of an imaginary world interacting with the real world. The speaker, the vibrator and the flashlight are all used to create a new experience of game.



In Collaboration with:


Sponsoring SMARTKIT and ANIMATE projects - How to humanize technology

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