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Intelligent Mobility (MA)

Nikhil Tupe

Hello! my name is Nikhil Pravin Tupe, I have completed my Master's Degree in Intelligent Mobility ( Vehicle Design ) from the Royal College of Art and Bachelor's degree in Industrial Digital Design from Institut supérieur de design, India.

I am polymath who is experienced working with multi-cultural themes where I showcase the leadership competencies ranging from projects that involved perceptive quality management, Digital platform exploration that involves User experiences and User Interfaces, future casting, Design Thinking, Visualization, Digital tools like Adobe suite and 3D cad Softwares.


While completing my master's degree at the Royal College of Art, I have taken part in many of the design competitions including the student union presidential election. This helped me understand what future artists and designers are thinking about the future. I was curious about the different backgrounds of Design, Innovation, and Arts. I was open to change and adapting new things and meeting new people.

" The more I meet people more I learn from them "


Being consistent and motivated helped me win design awards (click on block heading for links ) -

Royal Automobile Club Design competition ( Winner of Insight Award ) where we student worked with Intelligent Mobility Design Centre focussing on Mobility for Ageing group ( Elderly ) in the UK.

Porsche Design Competition ( Runner Up ) where our team SENSEED focussed on five senses of the body and made an edible product working alongside a chef to create bits-size snacks which commuters eat at the start and end of their journey to invigorate and calm the senses. Using our senses of taste for wellbeing has been tried and tested in other design fields, yet it was new to automotive and worth exploring.

British Airways Design Competition ( Award for Inspiring creative future vision ) This Project was made on Occasion of BA completing its 100 Years. We worked on this project for 4 months and got a lot of support from British Airways they provided Industry experts from companies like NASA, Foresight Factory, Safran, Airbus, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Bombardier, etc. The exhibition was held in the Saatchi Gallery where we showcased future vision for BA2119 Future of Flight.

NSG Design Hackathon,( Runner up ) we developed a Mobile Medical Response Vehicle. Understanding the possibilities of glass in the future connected world for transportation.

I was also the finalist of the Saic Design Competition.

By winning these competitions I got media recognition in Forbes, The Telegraph, Bussiness Traveller as well as Sky news. I was also a Student Representative of the Intelligent Mobility and Student Ambassador of the Royal College of Art.


I am honored to learn at a prestigious university Royal College of Art and adapt to working methods as well as knowledge development both technical and theoretical. I am ready to dedicate myself to complete the objectives and take on new challenges that will help me in the creation of high-quality products for the betterment of society.


Degree Details

School of Design

Intelligent Mobility (MA)

Living in London has a lot of benefits, it gives you a lot of opportunities to explore yourself. Being surrounded by different backgrounds of people, artists and designers inspire you. Tutors, Guest speakers, and Industry Experts are around you in RCA which develops your Design thinking process making you a better Designer & Entrepreneur.

I believe Future mobility is about moving people and goods around in an easier, more efficient, and more environmentally-friendly way. It uses new ideas and new technologies to look beyond traditional, Infrastructure- heavy approaches to transport and inventing innovative ways to improve mobility and journey better, accessible to all.  

Vertica in SKY — Designing a vertical shaped aerial mobility was an irrational idea but theoretically with my research and design have proved if this can work. Our Tutors pushed us and questioned us about all the technicality and physics. In RCA every design has a meaning and objective for evolution. The idea of making Vertica was minimal land usage by the aerial mobility and no heavy Infrastructure.

12 01

Untitled 12 03

Vertica is Urban aerial mobility with a luxury experience.

Have you ever imagined living in a sky for a week?

68% of the world's population will live in cities by 2050 which will increase urbanization.
The Demand for Intercity travel will increase due to urbanization and scarcity of land in cities
would be the problem for building new airports.
New Dynamic flights are needed to meet the demand. Vertica is a vertical Airship for
cities, a sustainable way of travel with zero carbon transportation Infrastructure, No
Runway, high potential lifting power, VTOL, integrated with luxury hotel chains.
Vertica provides a luxury experience for living in the sky or traveling slowly to your destination.
Vertica has no restriction for landing unlike helicopters and private jets.
It can land on the rocky mountain with stunning views, beachside, city rooftop, parks,
lakeside, etc. according to your convenience.

Vertica Top without balloon

Vertica exterior

Aerodynamic Exterior

Vertica Interior

Interior space with a Stunning view

Customised Interior

VERTICA provides a luxury service for living/traveling in the sky. It can stay in the sky for a week.
Spend your time according to your preferences - cooking, sleeping, working, entertainment, meetings, perfect dating experience, while you are traveling at the same time from one destination to another.
BA 2119 Flight of future- British Airways
Launch Project

Curio 2119 — Curio is hypersonic modular aircraft with zero emissions, circumnavigating the world at high speeds and collecting travelers as it flies. Curio’s state -of-the-art interior and bespoke service will enhance the in-flight experience and reshape the possibilities of aviation. Curio presents a travel experience as free and as connected as a murmuration of starlings.

Blueprint — By 2119 multiple global megacities will exist and this the phenomenon will increase the abundance of personal wealth. Innovative technologies, lighter and sustainable materials, zero emissions and smart censored interfaces will be a part of everyday life.

CURIO INTERACTION night — Hypersonic, modular aircraft will travel great distances in minimal time, collecting travelers from megacities as they go.

Saatchi Gallery

Hypersonic Modular Aircraft — We have always had a thirst for the unknown and the people of the future will continue to travel for curiosity and connections. Curio will effortlessly combine adventure with more quality time with loved ones.


Curio - Our proposal presents a travel experience as emancipated and efficient as a murmuration
of Starlings.
By boarding the hypersonic aircraft which flies at the altitude of 100,000 ft, destinations once
considered impossible is within reach swiftly and comfortably. The choice of voyager profiles provides
a bespoke flying experience for each traveler while at the same time trying to move away from the current class hierarchy. The innovative modular system not only enhances the in-flight experience but also reshapes the possibilities of aviation. Winner of British Airways Design Competition.

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