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Intelligent Mobility (MA)

Oliver Bassnett

Redefining what a vehicle can be is the basis for my approach to vehicle design as a whole. Wanting to push the very nature of the "car" with the combination of emerging technology such as Autonomy, I feel there is space for more niche sectors in the future vehicle space. 


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Intelligent Mobility (MA)

Prior to studying at the RCA I obtained a degree in
Transport Design at Staffordshire University. This led on to me working for two
years as a clay modeller at Geely Design Europe, in Gothenburg. The experience as
a modeller helped me understand the process’s, expertise and difficulties in developing
a vehicle for the road. Since the virus outbreak, I’m currently living at my
family home in the leafy Essex/Herts boarder.  

What I wanted to achieve with Gaia is to find a balance
between architecture, sculpture and vehicle design to create an all-new
experience and type of vehicle for passengers. To enable you to glide at a
serene pace through your immediate environment drinking in all of the details whilst
giving time to contemplate and enjoy the journey. In contrast to traditional
vehicle journey’s which are primarily focused on efficiency and time keeping. 

What fascinates me about the current climate of the vehicle
industry is how disrupted it is, with the implementation of autonomy and
electrification I am motivated and inspired to see how these technologies will
change vehicle design, systems and styling.  

I want to explore with my work how these technologies and philosophies
will change mobility in the future and how we interact with vehicles. As we
move towards a more subscription-based usage, I feel that there will be a larger
array of vehicle niche’s that will fulfil various uses.  

Project Gaia Video

Final Model Exterior

Final Model Exterior

Final Model Exterior

Final Model Exterior

Final Model Exterior

Final Model Exterior

Final Model Exterior

Final Model Exterior

Final Model Exterior Front Section

Final Model Deck Layout - Interior Section

Final Model Front Deck

Final Model of Gaia

Studio shot 9

Finalised Theme

Yacht Inspired Interior

Early Interior Layout

Interior Pod Theme

Finalised Interior

Deck Layout

Next Gen

Bridge Philosophy

Serene Luxury

Intial Ideas

3D Exploration

Model's 2/3

Model 4 - Proportion

Model 4 - Proportion

Cad Model's 5,6,7,8

Model 9

Profile Exploration

Theme Exploration

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