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Graphic Design

Peiyao Liu

What can be said at all can be said clearly,

and what we can not talk about we may see it in silence.

——Adapted from Ludwig Wittgenstein 

Narration is an indispensable element in everyone's life. Without narration, history cannot be connected in series and meanings cannot be generated. Unlike text narration that relies on comprehension and imagination, vision is a direct communication between the soul and perception. At the same time, visual narration can also be concealed, secret, and full of metaphor. Based on this, my personal works tend to use projection, 3D graphics and installations as medium, communicate ideas, positions and even emotions to the audience through visual narration and metaphors. Behind the different types of approaches, the story takes place.

 I am willing to share with you.


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Degree Details

School of Communication

Graphic Design

Most of my works are installations based in space. I am interested in how to project the digital materials on a textured surface to create a variation visual effect. For the themes, my research is mainly about the eastern tradition such as Zen Buddhism and  Western Post-modernism. The narration of my work is usually metaphorical.

Turning my track from philosophy to design is a bold change, but not a surprise. I always want to be the one who realizes the ideas myself, rather than studying existent achievements with theory. Although philosophical proposition is obvious in my design, I am not trying to translate concepts and logical analysis through visual works but hoping to create a narrative visual atmosphere with my own thoughts and feelings. 


2015 - 2018 Renmin University of China (MPhil)

2018 - 2020 Royal College of Art (MA) 

Main Exhibitions

2019 One Housing Arlington Autumn Exhibition, Arlington House, London

2019 P3-P177 Exhibition, Tender Books, London


Projection & Performance — In the process of projection and performance, I continued my exploration of projecting on textures. In this work, I used semitransparent fabric and projected the image of the performance onto it, creating a visual effect between real and unreal. By introducing live performance, the final result is a phantom appearing and disappearing, which is close to Derrida's "ghost". As he said in Ghost Dance (1983), "Here the ghost is me. Since I've been asked to play myself in a film which is more or less improvised, I feel as if I'm letting a ghost speak through me." The performance itself is creating the magic of the current moment. When the projection ends and the performance stops, the “ghost” will disappear.


The outbreak of epidemic since the beginning of 2020 and the tragedies in the long process of social isolation. People all over the world are facing unprecedented emphasis on the body, reflection on self-existence and psychological crisis. This work is a combination of performance and projection. It involves the real person's performance, the performance in projected video and 3D graphics. It uses the body as a medium to explore the cognitive issues of "self-existence" in contemporary society. Deconstruct self-existence between image and reality. The final effect of the work is multi-layered. From the virtual image to the real performance and then to the image on the screen, the performer intervened among multiple layers, just like the "self" wandering between reality and fiction.

In the process of 3D graphics, my design of the elements went through from geometric particles to abstract particles, which is a result of visual simplification. I also designed the interaction part between live performance and 3D graphics which shows the transformation between real and unreal. In the eastern, or Chinese culture, people's understanding of the relationship between man and nature or the existence of human in the Tao/god/mother universe is perceptual. In this way, my visual narration of this work is more inclined to use metaphor to leave the audience imagination.



Video,Projection on fabrics,Body performance


3DbodyDeconstructionDigital MaterialexistentialismGhostInstallationPerformanceProjectionSpacespiritualZen

Working process

This is a team project during Across RCA 2019. Worked with Tianhang from Visual Communication and Benjer from Fasion Design.

Eating and excreting, connection between them is so close but they would not be allowed to be mentioned at the same time. By projecting a video about eating livestream on a toilet cell, this project is a research of human taboo culture and also, an experiment about people's perception and reaction to an unexpected visual space.



Video, Projection


The Moons

The Moons

Working process

The Moon
This work is processed during the 4 months weekly visiting to the Arlington House at Camden, London. It is also a collaborated work.The color painting of the moon is from artist Nazzi, who was a resident in the Arlington House. As we talked about the different symbolism meaning of the moon in our own cultures, we decided make a collaboration and to express the individual identity by using the moon as the metaphor of self-identity. Taking Nazzi's painting work "The Moon" as a part of this installation, I re-produced a digital 3D modeling work of the moon with different surfaces. By projected on a textured canvas, the two different works became a conversation between two people from different cultures with different experiences through the moon. Although the shapes and forms are very different, but they together corresponds to the theme of the work "identity”.



Textured paper on canvas,Projection,Video



Graphic Design & Print Making

Projection on Textured Surface (egg boxes, garbage bag, plastic packages)

Earth, Air, Water, Fire (Film Making, Photographer: Shaojia Zhou)

Hope you have enjoyed your time here 👀 👀

May you have a bright future 🎓 🎓

There are many regrets in this world,
which is why people are so nostalgic.

Thanks to my tutors and friends,
thanks to RCA,
thanks to 2020,
in various senses.

All the best to everyone ❤



AI face-changing app, Photoshop

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