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Narrative Animation

Richard Noble


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School of Communication

Narrative Animation

The two films I have made at the RCA, Wandaland (2019) and The Sam Story (2020) converge on a few themes: identity, mystery, human psychology, and my lifelong love/hate relationship with popular culture. They're also the most ambitious projects I've ever undertaken, with each film taking almost a year to complete. They're the culmination of many technical and creative skills I've spent years developing, incorporating CGI, 2D animation, digital painting, and extensive After Effects compositing. While I've benefited from some talented collaborators, almost everything you see (as opposed to hear) in my films is my own work, from the graphic design to the character animation.

In the near term I'm hoping to work in the UK animation industry, so if you're part of a studio, please get in touch. I'm also available for freelance work.


Still from "Wandaland"

My first year film, about a fictional animation tycoon and his ill-fated theme park.



In Collaboration with:

Sound Designer

Still from "The Sam Story"

Based on an unlikely true story, The Sam Story is a black comedy about free will and white circular benches.


2D and 3D animation



In Collaboration with:

Voice actor (Sam Springer and Sam Lewis)
Voice actor (TV philosopher)
Background character animator and clean-up artist for the cafe scene.

Passion Pictures

Recipient of the 2020 Passion Prize.


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