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Roc H Biel





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Design For Manufacture

I am a multidisciplinary designer originally from Barcelona, where I practically grew up in my father's workshop making special FX for films.

Although my background is Audio Engineering (BA, First Class), I have always had a foot in many areas of engineering and arts, drawing a path between creativity and technicality.

At the Royal College of Art, I have started to build on my vision of how to design and innovate to create future-proof products. Influenced by minimalism, I believe in the importance of creating products where simplification settles in its intrinsic values influencing its functionality, manufacturing, aesthetics and therefore, sustainability, and giving sensitive attention to the details to enhance the interaction experience.

Climbing and cycling ♥️.

Fenics - The future of remote controllers

Fenics 001

Fenics 002

Fenics 003

Fenics 004

Fenics 005

Fenics 006

Fenics 007

Fenics 008

Fenics 009

Fenics 010

Fenics 011

Fenics is a 3D modular controller created to interact with three-axis environments from your thumb. The original idea came from how an individual could control a drone and the camera of it at the same time. Afterwards, the reaction time became crucial in many scenarios, and this is why Fenics has customisable pressure buttons, allowing to set up gestures and different sequences to interact with up to 23 actions with the fingers always in place. It speeds up the reaction time as minimising the movement. With one controller on each hand, the user can handle them separately, or there is a range of accessories to implement a screen in between them or long-range antennas for professional drones. Fenics will be compatible with drone piloting, gaming and 3D media performances (audio, video).


ABS-Like Translucent/Clear, Digital Photopolymer Shore A 30, Electronics


540 hours
consumer electronicsErgonomicsfutureHumanised Technologyindustrial designminimalModularoppoproduct design

Duo 001

Duo 002

Duo 003

Duo 004

Duo 005

Duo 006

Duo 007

Duo 008

Duo 009

Duo 010

Duo 011

Duo is a modular conceptual smartphone made from two parts, the screen, and the electronics core.

Soon, thanks to the voice assistants, we are not going to need visual feedback all the time to interact with our data. Therefore, accessorizing the screen allows to either use the core only with wireless headphones or attach it to different screen sizes, what it could become a smartphone or a tablet.

This versatility reduces the number of devices we need and alters the upgrading timings of each component, which represents a significant change for a more sustainable industry.


6063 Aluminium heavy brushed finish. White SLS


360 hours

TacHammer haptic technology for Fenics

Providing technology solutions for new form factors, haptics, and new ways to interact with electronic devices

29 July 2020
13:00 (GMT + 0)

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21 July 2020
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When The Place Shuts Down: RCA X OPPO

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