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Print (MA)

Rui Shi

     Rui Shi was born in Liaoning, China.    

     BA Art design for theater and film, Communication University of China, Beijing 2013-2017

     MA Print,Royal College of Art, London 2018-2020

    They formed the artist group DIRD with artist Zijing Zhao in 2020.


    In Review, Southwark Park Galleries, London, UK

    group exhibition, Hockney Gallery, London, UK

    Work-in-Progress Show, Royal College of Art, London, UK

    Read backwards: a way to remember, 508 gallery, London, UK 



DIRD website

Buried, Awakened, Reborn in the Mountain of Flames

🌹✿Rose for You✿🌹( open with Iphone or Ipad)

Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Print (MA)

Rui Shi’s research focuses on religion, mythology, and Internet technology. Through the similarity between "soul" in the religious sense and "code" in computer science, he discusses "eternity" and the influence of scientific and technological development on faith. Rui Shi has formed the artist group, DIRD, with Zijing Zhao. Together, they examine the original gender structures and ideologies of human civilization, and consider the unequal narrative structure of the hero's journey, in which women are portrayed as perpetually weak or evil. They are committed to rewriting the role of women in narrative works.

Mountain of Flames (trailer)

still from Mountain of Flames (trailer)

still from Mountain of Flames (trailer)

Artists Rui Shi and Zijing Zhao draw inspiration from mythology and pop culture to animate their own work as a medium to rewrite the role of women in the hero's journey. In this animation, the artist uses non-dual ideas from creation mythology, the theory of change from Taoist philosophy, and Buddhist legends’Reincarnation theory, to explore gender and identity beyond the binary. The work is presented through a visual language that combines classical Eastern aesthetics with contemporary aesthetics. The lengthier animation first intended has been adapted for the online exhibition by transforming into a 3D model that depicts the themes of the originally conceived work: shifting identities and nirvana. Please visit


wax, paper



In Collaboration with:

3D MODELINGAnimationDigital ArtfeminismGenderMoving imagemythmythologyNarration / StorytellingNarrativePrintsStop-motion animation
Buried, Awakened, Reborn in the Mountain of Flames(trailer)
Launch Project

still from web page

still from web page

still from web page

>>>> Please click on the link to view this work:
>>>> It is recommended to use chrome browser, it takes 10-20 seconds for the model to load after entering the page, please be patient. Use left click to rotate, right click to pan, and two fingers to zoom.

Buried, Awakened, Reborn in the Mountain of Flames is a web sculpture in which Rui Shi and Zijing Zhao present core concepts of their animation work "Mountain of Flames" which concerns changing identities. The page constantly shifts between light and dark, with animated characters standing silently on snowy
mountains, illuminated by fire and hidden in the shadows. The snowy mountains freeze in time, showing a catastrophe as if it were an eternal monument.

In Collaboration with:

Rose for you
Launch Project

Rose for you

🌹✿Open the link below with Safari and get the AR rose.✿🌹

In 2020, the world is like a Pandora's box that has been opened. People have lost their financial resources, the people they love most, and even the courage to live. In Wuhan, a daughter chases after the hearse of her mother, who died of Covid-19. Because of the risk of infection, she could not even see the last of her mother. In many hospitals, even with their best efforts, there are still crying healthcare workers who watch more and more patients die. I feel powerless and in pain. In the movie "Witching", the little girl asks the priest why the devil is torturing innocent people. The pastor says it's because the devil wants to stir up the relationship between people and God, that if people no longer feel loved, they won’t feel God either.

I believe that art has the magic of healing that can soothe pain and suffering, and yet, during the pandemic, galleries around the world are closed. I chose AR technology because it takes place at the interface between the virtual and the real, and it can be "placed" in the real space when the viewer taps on the link with their mobile phone. I used Blender to model and shape a rose, and Adobe Aero to create links to AR web pages for sharing, so that the flower could be a work of art that leaves the gallery and reaches the private spaces of each viewer. I hope that viewers can receive this kindness through the sharing of cyberspace, and feel some comfort and love during this difficult time.
Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love



Fritjof Capra said in The Tao of Physics, "Whenever we focus on life, we are actually focusing on networks." This suggests that the soul is more like a chain of instructions and programs connected to the rest of the Internet. When a program is programmed into a human, the human will take that instruction as direction and begin to execute it like a machine. Through this process of prostheticization mentioned in Donna Harraway’s Cyborg Manifesto, the differences between people's genders, races will all be filled in, and the uniquely human identities will be dissolved. As the boundaries between humans and machines continue to be blurred, what identity will the machines then have as participants in religion?


Mix-media Installation, electric candle, table, remote, monitor

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