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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Shau Tzu

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Shau Tzu received her BA in Crafts & Design from the National Taiwan University of Arts in 2016, followed by eight months at TAMA Art University in Tokyo as an exchange student. In 2019, she undertook an artist residency in Jingdezhen’s Sanbao ceramic institute. Shau Tzu lives and works in Taipei.


2014 Hsinchu City Golden Glass Award, Student Group - Honorable Mention 

2016 National Taiwan University Crafts&Design Department Graduation Exhibition, first prize. 

2017 The 3rd Taiwan Young Pottery Artist Award & Biennale - Selected artist. 


2015 Yiyeo, Craftsman Exhibition, Taiwan. 

2015 J1003, Ceramics workshop group exhibition, Taiwan.

2015 Group exhibition, Zhong Yaru × ShauTzu × Hsu Yuting, Taiwan.

2017 White, The 3rd Taiwan Young Pottery Artist Award & Biennale, Taiwan. 

2017 Group Exhibition, Re, TAMA Craft Department Waste Recreation, Japan.

2019 Material Statements Exhibition, Dyson Gallery, UK. 

2019 Across Borders, experimenting with ideas and process, Jingdezhen, China.

2020 24:4, Royal College of Art C&G exhibition, UK.  


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Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Ceramics & Glass (MA)

My practice is often inspired by collecting people’s emotions and observing the vivid moments in my own life. My work explores human relationships and connects to the viewer’s life experience, aiming to trigger their own individual thoughts and responses. My works are usually constructed by building with numerous clay coils. Fingerprints will be left when pressing the coils into place, layer by layer, perfectly reflecting the time spent undertaking this process, when there is only clay and myself.  

A new life 1


A new life 2


These two pieces were inspired by a 1635 Delft Flower Pyramid collection in Victoria and Albert museum.
The monumental sculptural form is a reference to both traditional pagodas and modern London tower blocks; a reflection of how I felt when I first moved to London and my own culture's heritage, bubble tea.




30*30*60 cm/ 20*10*50 cm

Tin Oxide’s Molecular Structure — An interweaved, stacking form that reflects tin oxide’s molecular structure to produce a new state of tin.

Tin Pest — “Tin pest” is a physical phenomenon when white tin (β-tin) transforms into grey tin (α-tin) under cold conditions. Using a blow torch, I fired tin sheets to create a beautiful pattern to mimic the disintegrating state when tin pest happens.

Molten Tin Drop — I attached crumpled tin sheets on the ceramics balls to represent the surface of tin ball. The structure aims to capture the action of tin melting.

Tin‘s Trilogy

This work consists of three independent sculptures. I have combined Tin with ceramics to express Tin’s three different states.




15*15*65cm * 3 pieces

We damn good couple

Let's play together

How are you doing today?

Detail of How are you doing today?

This is a collective project. I like to collect stories around me and use them as a source of creation. These works all have facial features which deepen the meaning that I want to convey through the object.




10*15*30cm/ 20*6*10cm / 100*60*5cm

What's going on in love? — Level 1. I think he is into me. I am kind of into him too. Level 2. we are like glue and varnish. I'll go wherever you go. Level 3. We all not perfect but let's try together to be better. Level 4. We are independent individuals, yet when we are together, we are inseparable. Final level. Love isn’t about changing one another, it’s about growing together.

This work for me is a highlight during my transformation period, before I started to build a big scale piece.
I am pairing words with works. As an exercise, I have chosen the five stages of falling in love: attraction, infatuation, understanding, stability and commitment.




25*25*8cm*5 pieces

Courage is a flower from heart.

This world is annoying but please stay cute.

You are only human; You don't have to be omnipotent.

It is not because of love that one becomes an adult.

Because you don't know when life will end, please try to live without regrets.

Don't make things too simple, it will seem boring.

Learn to try, try to fail.

Growing up, turned out to be dealing with losses calmly.

How my work grows.

Recently, I have explored what it is to be an “adult” and what it is that I need to achieve in order to be called an adult. As children, we are forced to grow up and develop, as a means to progress. It is unpredictable what we will become, but through facing the choices again and again we will eventually come close to what we want to be.




23 July 2020
12:30 (GMT + 0)

From a Distance: The importance of a cultural experience and exchange of art education

Discussion on cultural awareness, individual practices and future plans.
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