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Siddhi Gupta

Siddhi is an illustrator working at the intersection of education, culture and communication. This manifests as notes, words, visuals, workshops and rarely performances.



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Passionate about the application of art and design in art and design education, Siddhi aims to facilitate access and engagement with her work. In this she is informed by her experience in education in different capacities and in different environments.

Kalakarm Curriculum
Artists in The Dot

Artists in The Dot

Launch Project

Responses by learners and educators

Notes on Yayoi Kusama



Kalakarm Curriculum is a resource/museum/collective that exists so that there is art in education and education in art. Art Integrated Learning (AIL) even though supported by many educational bodies and organisations around the world, faces challenges when being implemented in a classroom. Viewing this as a communication design problem between the educator and the learner, Kalakarm Curriculum aims to address this.

Kala means art and craft, dance and music, drama and writing, drawing and painting. Karm means action. Kalakarm Curriculum hence translates to an art educational resource that facilitates ‘learning by doing’.

The resource is developed in collaboration with educators in India who acknowledged the lack of art training as an obstacle to integrating art in their lesson plans. Kalakarm therefore starts at ground zero where it realises that the educator is a learner as well. It is a resource for every educator because if any educator could be an arts educator, then every learner could be an artist. Each sheet of the resource is an A4 worksheet which can be cheaply photocopied and easily distributed. They can be customised by the educator and used to deliver numerous lessons.
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RCA Continuation Fund Bursary

20 July 2020
13:00 (GMT + 0)

What's Your Reference? Part 1: Round Table

Round Table on Graphic Design/Visual Communication
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