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Narrative Animation

Simona Mehandzhieva

Simona Me. is a loud, awkward Sagittarius, who grew up glued to the screen watching wacky cartoons. She would get sucked into the world of colourful 90s cartoons like ‘The Powerpuff Girls’, ‘Cow and Chicken’ and ‘Scooby Doo’. 

She is currently an independent animator based in London graduating from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Narrative Animation. Earlier this year she was awarded ‘Best New Talent’ for her first year film ‘DUO’ at the ‘BFI Future Film Festival’. The film also travelled around world to ‘Monstra’ in Lisbon, ‘AS Film Festival’ in Italy and ‘Up and Coming International Film Festival’ in Hannover.




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School of Communication

Narrative Animation

The references in my work have been accumulated and inspired by various mythologies such as Greek and Latin, Eastern European, Norse, biblical and theological stories. Witches, shtrigas, devils dancing in the night, with a hot cauldron boiling in the middle. 

I aspire to be an animation director who not only creates stories that are a visual feast of madness, but also celebrate characters who are extravagant, sassy and loud with colour. I want to represent the misunderstood creatures of the night, the ‘weirdos’ that don’t fit, the ones that no longer will be side kicks.

The Dip — Shesa Quinn - Simona Mehandzhieva The Sun - Simona Mehandzhieva Music: Mikel Dale Sound Design: Jarrah Hewes Joe Devine Sound MIx: Joe Devine Additional Animation and Emotional Support: Laura Jayne Hodkin Colouring: Ina Maksimova Laura Jayne Hodkin Magda Kreps Prashanti Aswani
Gif from The Dip

Gif from The Dip

Still from The Dip

Gif from The Dip

Gif from The Dip

PASSWORD - Ohhoney2020

The Dip - Where 'Paris is Burning' meets Hieronymous Bosch.

A dip, a shablam, a death drop is when a dancer strikes a pose and dramatically falls on their back. The higher the fall, the spicier the dip.
The story follows Shesa Quinn dipping from the top of a skyscraper. Gagged by her stunt, the townsfolk bellow spiral into chaos. Will Shesa land a perfect dip ?


2D Animation, Cartoon
2d2D animationAnimationcartoondragdrag queenfunnyhumour
DUO — Sound Design: Alexia Charoud Shouting Artist: Matthew G. Taylor Screenings: Panama Animation Festival BFI Future Film Festival - Winner 'New Talent' Award in Animation Screentest: The National Student Film Festival Up-and-coming Intern. Film Festival Hannover FilmAid Film Festival Monstra Film Festival, Lisbon
Gif from DUO

Gif from DUO

A hunter walking through a forest, split between the black and white of his soul, is hunting for his prey.


2D Animation



Baphomet, Amduscias and Frog Nun


Evil and Cute

Dancing With the Hoofed One

Some illustrious illustrations. More can be seen on my website and instagram. ♡

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