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Documentary Animation

Xingyu Xie


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School of Communication

Documentary Animation

Xingyu practiced in infra-ordinary. Using everyday objects, body temperature, video, animation, performance, installation to attempt to capture the ubiquitous poetry and subtle relationships in daily life.

Next, she will be a community night watchman.

This book drawn on several weeks of WeChat correspondence between my mother and I during our self-quarantine, interwoven alongside the correspondence were the pages from a novel by the French writer Georges Perec — W, or The Memory of Childhood. Intermittently, my mother shoots the pages and sometimes read to me. In this back and forth communication, we talked about family, changes, love and death. Yesterdays were floating faintly on everyday objects in the room, getting lighter and lighter.

Then I made the following short film "March, April, May, June".


handmade book


196 pages
March, April, May, June
"Je les pose sur la table
ils parlent tout seuls je m'en vais."

— Jean Tardieu, "Outils posés sur une table"


2d animation, stop motion, performance, video


hum (2020
an envelope
a roll of 100m thread
a house after tearing the wallpaper




vertigo is a fishing line (2019)
A near-failed Mirror Touch Synesthesia self experiment.

After read Daria Martin's book Mirror Touch Synesthesia: The Threshold of Empathy with Art in Wellcome Collection. I imagined and attempted to set a physical, performative and material parameters for sensual and synaesthetic experience.

I built “an angry room” full of mirrors and used an electric motor to spin a ball at constant speed and touch my cheek twice a second. In this iterative process, visual and tactile synchronous stimuli were accidental and transient, vertigo dominated the sensory experience...I recorded this long hour with a pen and a stack of a4 paper, a voice recorder and two cameras.



2d animation, installation, performance, Video



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