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Experimental Design

Stephanie (Yi) Lu

'305 Valley'

A dystopian future vision shown as an interactive fiction experience, where the physical and virtual merge, and embodied virtual presence are determined by one’s social credit score.This project explores how the new technologies and social credit system affect people’s lives through a series of possible scenarios and issues of cohabitation in the mixed reality future.

It gives viewers the chance to experience what it feels like to be involuntarily subject to low social scoring through a full-body tour experience and everyday narratives.

*HTTP 305, Use Proxy is a deprecated status code. Using the status-code a server could instruct a client that it should connect to a proxy, and repeat that same request there.

Full experience here: 



Instagram: stephanie_yee_lu

Degree Details

School of Communication

Experimental Design

Stephanie is a multidisciplinary maker and thinker. She uses critical and speculative approaches to understand how people interact and receive information in a digital and physical merged society through digital facade in the near future. Her work ranges from craftsmanship, graphic, VR, video and installation. 


2020 WIP Show, Royal College of Art, London

2019 The Education Expo/FutureLab, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai

2019 British Airways Explore the Next 100 Years of Aviation, Saatchi Gallery, London

2016 The Charm Of The East International Underwear Creative Competition Show, Shenzhen

2016 Embry International Homewear Creative Design Competition Show, Shenzhen

2016 DongHua University Graduation Exhibition, Shanghai

2015 World Of Wearable art Awards International Awards Show (collaboration), Wellington

2015 Creative International Pattern Design Competition, Hangzhou


2019 British Airways X RCA Explore the Next 100 Years of Aviation, Winner of Disruptive Innovation

2019 Royal Ruyi X RCA Scarf Project, Winner 

2016 Embry International Home wear Creative Design Competition, Finalist

2016 The Charm Of The East International Underwear Creative Competition, Shortlist

2015 International Pattern Design Competition, Finalist 

2014 SAB @ WeiXing Scholarship, Donghua University 

2014 SangMa Scholarship, Donghua University 

2014 Outstanding Award Scholarship, Donghua University 

2014 China International Fabrics Creative Competition, Finalist



trailer of 305 Valley


design for social impactDYSTOPIAFictionFutureInteractiveSpeculation

Identity Check Point

Identity Check Point_Ideation

Redesignated Identity

Redesignated Identity_Ideation

Non places 305 city

Non places 305 city_Ideation

Apparel as identity

Apparel as identity_Ideation

The Grey Market

The Grey Market_Ideation

If an AI creates a work of art who owns the rights to it?

If an AI creates a work of art who owns the rights to it_Ideation







Hyper City

Launch Project

Link — Full experience here


Physical Show Plan
show set up(moving)

show set up(moving)

show set up

show set up_overall

show set up_close up

Physical Show Plan


Physical Show Plan

305 Valley Work In Progress

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