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Primacy of Precipice

The future is now, and it is likely now more so than any other point in modern history. We cannot numb to the ominous warnings, nor assume others have the ensuing crisis in-check. If we do so, we are destined to cross ecological thresholds that trigger complex, unpredictable, and cataclysmic outcomes for an incalculable time to come.

Primacy of Precipice presents 20 graduate students’ works specialising in Fashion, Innovative Design Engineering, and Design Products, which reconceptualise material, industrial and systemic drivers of environmental and social calamities.

Each project exhibits theoretical or engineering rigour, novelty, depth, behavioural intuition, and design acuity. Topics span biodesign, circularity, zero-waste fashion, renewables, robotics, regenerative agriculture, digital materiality, 3D printing, natural capital, VR/AR, and food-tech.

This collection is a lens into the vast spectrum of sustainable commercial innovation. Human ingenuity must outpace human anthropogenic impacts. Yet, doing so requires triaging of investment into the most vigorously capable and radically consequential inventions, known and unknown, to-date. These designers’ coup d'œil for the precipice ahead is fundamental to the relentless resolve and foresight needed to design civilization’s sustainable future.

Joanna Moresky

Joanna Moresky

Joanna advises, designs, incubates and raises capital for ventures that promote global sustainable development. Her undergraduate degree, which explored the intersectionality of technology, society and ecology, compelled her to pursue a 20+ year profession catalyzing commercial solutions that address critical social and environmental needs.

Early in her career, Joanna worked for CEP, a pioneering corporate impact think tank that launched one of the first ESG investment advisories, published an annual consumer brand shopping guide and galvanized supply chain provenance and transparency. Thereafter, she consulted large public manufacturing companies, tech firms and fashion startups, and co-advised the United Nations on the selection of themes and related indicators to measure sustainable development. 

After completing her graduated studies, Joanna has been building and advising new ventures tackling climate-tech, mobility, design innovation, agriculture, fashion-lifestyle, AI and blockchain. This includes developing $50m of off-grid solar, water and transportation projects in East Africa for eleQtra, which are acclaimed for distinctive
structuring and financing tactics.  

She holds a BA from Cornell University, MIA from Columbia University, and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business as a Joseph Wharton Scholar and a Bessette Fellow.

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