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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)


Future / Futures

The joint RCA and Imperial College Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) Programme celebrates its 40th birthday this year. The world is at a pivotal point where the concerns and values of the programme are more important than at any time in its history.

The theme Future / Futures celebrates our graduating 2020 IDE students' quest for innovation at the  intersection of individual sensibilities and collective values, local perspectives and global horizons. Four significant fields for impact are identified: Agency of Welfare projects explore how technology can support individual agency in personal wellbeing and healthcare; projects harnessing the collective power of people and systems represent the Collective Agenda; Exploring new approaches to environmental sustainability in the context of deteriorating and alternative resource is represented by Repurposed Environments projects; Humanised Technology groups a set of projects challenging the technological frontier of human-machine interaction.

The IDE students aim to create one future formed from a constellation of individually responsible, relevant, multiple, and diverse futures. Pursuing the immense potential at the intersection of design creativity with the rigour of science and technology. Presenting projects for the future. Embodying enlightened approaches to melding deep disciplinary expertise with creativity and empathy for people and the planet.

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Primacy of Precipice

Curated by Joanna Moresky

Future Continuous

Curated by Dr Nick de Leon

Humour and Story

Curated by Roger Guyett

Through the Lens of Science and Data

Curated by Markus Nordberg
School of Design
Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Libertas, Auxilium, Utilitas

Curated by Martha Thorne

Lighting the Way

Curated by Professor Gerry McGovern OBE

Healthcare and Wellness

Curated by Bill Evans
School of Design
Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

The Core • The Frontier

Curated by Miles Pennington

Hyper Form

Curated by Viktoria Modesta


Curated by Yves Béhar

Humanity and Humour

Curated by Paul Priestman


Dinner's Ready

Life in the future

Curated by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

RCA2020: One Designer’s View (Part Two)

Curated by Ian Griffiths

A curation by Samuel Ross

Curated by Samuel Ross

Designing for Difficulty

Curated by Tim Brown

Humanistic Technologists Design For The Now

Curated by John Maeda
School of Design
Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)


Curated by Assa Ashuach

Journeys, Experiences and Identities

Curated by Christopher Bailey CBE

Light Heavy Things

Curated by Peter Russell-Clarke
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