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Narrative Animation

William Rochira

Born and raised in the South of Italy, studied illustration and animation at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.


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Narrative Animation

I have a passion for drawing eerie, uncanny things. During my university career I managed to put these things in motion. What drives me is concepts, metaphors, aesthetic harmony and dissonance.. technique-wise I like to challenge myself and keep things exciting using different software and processes, but I usually lean on my draughtsmanship.

12 in front of night

his parents' house

the film


In the summer of 2015 a childhood friend of mine started behaving unusually. Throughout the course of a fortnight he carried out wilder and wilder acts in a beach resort not far from my hometown in the South of Italy. The community was shaken and did not know how to intervene, until the authorities had to step in. He was later diagnosed with a mental disorder.

For this project I decided to crystallise this moment in time in the most respectful manner I possibly can by translating my experience into an allegorical narrative: that summer I arrived on the scene a few days after the fact, so I know of this solely from others’ recollection. Haunting feelings of bewilderment and powerlessness are what inspired this interpretation.


hand-drawn pencil on paper


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