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Intelligent Mobility (MA)

Yu Liang

Controller -zero 


This design is to help young office workers to relax and gain more sense of control.  

Unlike the traditional way of driving, the user is able to stand on the platform in order to use the center of gravity to control direction and speed instead of using a steering wheel. In this driving mode, users could be more focused on getting more sense of control.  


In addition to this “control mode”, this car provides a meditation mode which allows the user to meditate in the car during the way from home to company and adapt to the working environment better from insufficient sleep. Both "meditation mode" and "control mode" are easily to switch from one another to meet the different needs in daily life.  


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Intelligent Mobility (MA)

Yu liang's work is focus on the future mobility, people's lifestyle and extreme sports.

This is the design process.

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