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Animadoc/ Animated Documentary/ Mockery

Animation is an independent art for personal artistic expression. Animated documentary is one of its many genres that recently enjoys more focused attention.

Finding so many interesting, strong and often very personal animated documentaries in the RCA2020 graduation show is a major surprise. All the artists succeeded in transforming their ideas and subjects into technically and aesthetically unique animations.

The stories are necessarily based on narrations but solidily substantiated with photographs, drawings, paintings, posters, found footage, sounds, etc and are very well narrated. They have the vigor to touch global audiences, transcending cultures and traditions.

Another awesome notion about Anidoc (personal but not academic) is that anima can stand for soul, and doc for doctor. The process of creating animation can be as a doctor or therapy for healing the soul. I think that this applies to both the artists here and their audiences.

Moreover I was surprised to see an ‘animated mockumentary’, very well executed and narrated so that we believe that it is a true story. Here animation satisfies its functions of entertaining and surprising very well.

Thank you all very much for sharing your unique ideas, stories and animations which touched my soul and inspired my intellect.

Otto Alder

Otto Alder

Otto Alder works as as a program curator and serves on juries and selection committees for festivals. He has organised and directed a number of festivals, starting with Stuttgart International Animation Festival (1987–1992), the Animation Programme at the Leipzig Festival (1992–2005). Alder is co-founder and was co-director of Fantoche International Animation Festival (1994–2004),and director of Tough Eye in Turku (2001–2003). Besides creating his own films, photographs and installations, 2002–2019 he was Professor at the Animation Department of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art. Alder is a member of ASIFA (Director of Board 1993–1998), the Swiss Film Academy and APSA (Asia Pacific Screen Academy, Brisbane).

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